Preserving Kona's Stories

Uchida Farm House

Uchida Farm House

Exhibit & Living History program


The Kona Coffee Living History Farm, homesteaded by the Uchida family, Japanese immigrants from the Kumamoto Prefecture of Japan, reveals the story of Kona’s coffee pioneers in the 1925-1945 era. The coffee mill and farmhouse will be open to tours where guests can experience the domestic life of Kona’s coffee farmers.

Visitors enter the kitchen where rice simmers on a traditional open-hearth stove before they remove their shoes to walk on tatami mats throughout the house. Outside, they learn to pick coffee and see how it was processed in the kuriba (mill) and dried on the hoshidana (drying platform). Guests can explore the gardens where traditional vegetables are grown, visit the chickens in the chicken coop or say hello to Shizu, the Kona Nightingale Donkey.