Preserving Kona's Stories

Kalukalu Field Trips

Kalukalu Activities 

1. General Store Stories (Preschool – 8th grade) 

Through a hands-on experience of shopping in a late 1800’s Hawaiian general store, students will become familiar with the concept of a general store and begin to compare the historical experience to the modern day experience. 

2. Store Similarities (Preschool – 8th grade) 

By comparing and contrasting a historic general store and a modern day store, students will become familiar with the concept of a general store and how shopping has changed (and stayed the same) since the late 1800’s. 

3. Whozit? Whatzit? Howzit? (3rd grade – 8th grade) 

Students will interact with various artifacts to discover what it is (whatzit), how it was used (howzit), and who would have used it (whozit). Students will be able to recognize connections between artifacts and the people who used them. 

4. Where in the World? (4th grade – 8th grade) 

Students will discover the importance of international trade and Hawaii’s role in the global economy during the mid to late 1800’s by following various trade items on their import or export journey. 

5. Late 1800s Toy & Games (Preschool – 8th grade) 

Students will become familiar with some of the toys and games that children played in the late 1800’s and compare this experience to modern day play. 

6. How to Read a Photograph (2nd grade – 8th grade) 

Students will learn that a photograph can tell an intricate story by closely examining historical photographs. 

7. Museum Exhibit Explorations (2nd grade – 8th grade) 

Students will explore a museum exhibit, discuss the importance of museums, and share their personal connections to the museum exhibit. 

8. Portuguese Bread Oven Activities (Preschool – 8th grade) – Available on Thursdays only. 

Students will engage in multiple activities involved in the Portuguese style of traditional bread baking. This may include: breaking down traditional Portuguese recipes to critically think about the differences between traditional and modern cooking, breaking down traditional Portuguese bread ingredients to determine their origin, and assisting museum staff in baking bread in a Portuguese oven.  

9. Other 

If there is another type of activity not listed here that you think would be meaningful for students at the Kalukalu site, please let us know when you make your booking.