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Jeep Trips & Historical Tours

Jeep Trips & Historical tours

Exclusive Places, Unforgettable Experiences

Every year, Kona Historical Society coordinates several engaging excursions to areas not accessible to the general public, accompanied by local historians, naturalists and cultural practitioners that help participants tap into all there is to know about this beautiful island. These day-long excursions bring a limited number of Kona Historical Society members to special places across Hawaii Island that can only be reached by way of four-wheel drive vehicles like Jeeps and trucks, or on foot. While these trips are specifically organized for Kona Historical Society members, membership with Kona Historical Society is open to all. These historical trips help us share with our members the intricate history and natural landscapes of the island.

Kona Historical Society Jeep Trip to Hualalai, 2009.

Kona Historical Society Jeep Trip to Hualalai, 2009.

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